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Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Soriano

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Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Soriano


Cuernavaca, Mexico
Hector Tapia

On March 21, 2018, the city of Cuernavaca in the Mexican state of Morelos, handed over the brand new building that will house the Museo Morelense de Arte Contemporáneo Juan Soriano. With an infrastructure of the highest level, the place surprised everybody attending the inaugural event because of its spacious and tall exhibition spaces and the great attention to detail shown in all finishes. Following a minimalist approach, the spaces complement and interact with one another in a totally organic manner, while also offering the possibility of being appreciated individually. The cube is the predominant form throughout the entire complex and refers us to the white cube concept that became predominant during the 1970s and broke with the luxury that since the 19th century had been defining the exhibition areas—in a search for more functional spaces in which to house contemporary art proposals that did not compete with the pieces exhibited.

The Museo Soriano has a total area of 9,455 square meters and consists of three large buildings. Building A (the main building) has three stories, one of which includes a large 863 square meter nave that will be the main exhibition area. This building also houses a library that specializes in modern and contemporary art and museum studies, as well as 443.75 square meters allocated for the storage of works. Building B houses the exhibition room called El Cubo (The Cube) that measures 389 square meters, along with two 55 square meter small exhibition rooms. Lastly, the third building includes an area for five workshops that will be open to the general public.

The architectural firm entrusted with developing the project was JSa headed by architect Javier Sánchez-Corral, who unanimously won the call that included another six proposals by: the architectural firms AT103 and Taller de Arquitecture Mauricio Rocha, and by architects Fernando Romero, Paloma Vera, Tatiana Bilbao, and Alejandro Sánchez-García.

The Museo Soriano's goal is to offer a unique space in Cuernavaca, and within the state of Morelos, for the development, exhibition and enjoyment of, as well as exposure to, contemporary art in an environment at the level of the best museum in the world. It is presented as a serious and professional alternative in response to the growing interest for current artistic proposals and as a worthwhile museum offer outside Mexico City to appreciate and learn about works by important artists without having to travel to another city.

Among the works offered by the museum, there is the collection of Juan Soriano, consisting of more than 1,200 works including paintings, sculptures, prints, and drawings; in addition to a book collection that was part of Soriano's personal library, costume designs and scenographies, photographs, and personal correspondence between Soriano and personalities like María Zambrano, Octavio Paz, and Rufino Tamayo, among others. From the selection of sculptures housed in the museum, fourteen of them are permanently exhibited in the grand garden that flanks one side of the property.

The program of exhibitions will begin this summer and it will be complemented by multi-disciplinary activities, courses, conferences, and concerts aimed at solidifying the museum's place as a contemporary art referent in the state of Morelos. 



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