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LnS Gallery

New Space


Miami, Florida

LnS GALLERY is a new art space specializing in contemporary art with a focus on Miami-based artists. Named after the gallerist team of LUISA LIGNAROLO and SERGIO CERNUDA, partners in marriage and business, the space is anchored in a spirit of inclusive creativity attuned to the cultural pulse of South Florida. With more than 15 years of experience and expertise in International, Cuban, Cuban-American and Latin American art, Luisa and Sergio have been contributors to the rising profile of artists from these fields and the augmented valuation of their works in the market. 

Located in North Coconut Grove, the original creative epicenter and historic seat of bohemian life in South Florida, LnS GALLERY is poised to help refresh the energetic, artistic focus for which the neighborhood was once known. Within walking distance from the Coconut Grove Metrorail Station, the 5000-square foot, multi-room space provides a showcase for unique forms of expression through curated, comprehensive catalogued exhibitions, site-installations and cultural gatherings. Special events will feature lectures, artists’ talks and educational programs for the various audiences. 



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