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Bienalsur for Artists and Curators


The General and Artistic Administration of the Bienalsur invites artists and curators to submit art and curatorship projects to become part of the program of its second edition. Presented at several spaces across an expanded and multipolar territory that simultaneously integrates South American countries as well as other nations in Central and North America, Africa and Europe, the event will be held from June through September of 2019.

Proposals must be framed within the scope of contemporary art theories and culture, be thought-provoking, inquisitive, and offer other perspectives and approximations to a multiplicity of vital experiences across the contemporary world.

The call is open to artists and curators of any nationality wishing to participate individually or as part of a group. The deadline to enter all applications is June 30, 2018.

Bienalsur is a project spearheaded by the Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero (UNTREF) in Buenos Aires, an Argentinean public university that from South America seeks to contribute to the creation of a cultural citizenry.

The call's format and operational structure aims at developing art from every region not only to fulfill a diversity quota but also to showcase their singularities and relative positions from a level playing field. Therefore, one of the objectives that energize this project is the constitution of a space that contributes to the development of critical thinking that is independent from the great canonical narratives. Likewise, the call also seeks to promote the emergence of alternative practices within the art museum and culture, both with respect to the production of ideas and works, as well as the ways of exhibiting, promoting, and consuming the works.

In this sense, through an innovative model conceived from a critical gaze and the exploration of different parameters, the distinctive characteristics of Bienalsur are its approach to networking and institutional associative collaborations positioned from a global South; the creation of its own territory formed by several locations, with simultaneous events and a curatorship willing to reject the traditional mold.

Bienalsur promotes a true processual exercise expressed through artistic and intellectual creations like curatorships that redefine the traditional criterion used in contemporary art exhibitions. This is the reason behind encouraging open calls like this one, where artists and curators are invited to imagine proposals for public spaces as well as for artistic institutions or specific sites; all places across the aforementioned vast territories participating in the Bienalsur that are interesting for developing different types of exhibitions, actions, interventions, and interferences through this contemporary art platform.

The online application found at can also serve as a guide for the types of presentations that will be reviewed by the committee of advisers collaborating with the Bienalsur.




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