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Andrea Márceles

Andrea Márceles. Pretty Woman I. Ensamblaje.

Andrea Márceles, ArtTour International


New York, NY

In recent days, ArtTour International awarded Colombian-American artist Andrea Márceles for her sculpture titled Ángel de Paz (Angel of Peace). Márceles was chosen from a group of more than one thousand artists who answered the call to participate in the salon. Sponsored by the ArtTour International Magazine, the award also grants the winner the right to participate in an exhibition of works by sixty artists from all over the world at the Rio Gallery Space in Manhattan.

Art has always been an integral part of Andrea Márceles's life. She grew up in a home with his mother Nubia Medina, a painter and sculptor, and his father Eduardo Márceles-Deconte, a writer and cultural researcher. 

The work by Andrea Márceles explores themes centered on feminism, femininity, and sexuality. It is a continuously evolving reflection about being a woman. Her environment has shaped her perception about herself and the women in her world. To a certain extent, her work is autobiographical and relies on the body as a point of departure. She uses canvas, magazine clippings, and a several other materials, to build and assemble intimate images and representations of herself and other women. In her work Márceles alludes to gender stereotypes as she focuses on complex compositions that convey the manner in which she perceives women from the different cultures of the world.

Andrea Márceles was born in New York City in 1989 and was raised between the Lower East Side of Manhattan and Barranquilla, Colombia. She earned a BA in visual arts with a minor in art history from Hunter College in NY. She has exhibited her work in several galleries in New York City and Colombia.



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