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Darío Ortiz. Huellas (Traces)

Darío Ortiz. Huellas (Traces)

Darío Ortiz. Huellas (Traces)

Traces, Darío Ortiz
Museo de la Ciudad de Mérida


The exhibition titled "Traces" by Colombian artist Darío Ortiz at the Museo de la Ciudad de Mérida, in Mexico, will remain open until August 17. Curated by Rafael Pérez, the show consists of 45 prints (etchings, aquatint, and lithographs, among other graphic mediums) created in recent years.

The work by Darío Ortiz combines forms and processes from performance, dance, and theater pertaining to the body and the space. It is fiction based on a certain reality that is not from the real world but from the space simulated in the scene to express issues and reflections from the history of art.

The nature of that which is represented generates readings underscored through dramatizations that bring viewers closer to the scenes, engaging them while also showcasing Ortiz's mastery of drawing and forms. This artist achieves the necessary spontaneity in images that appear to be drawn from reality and be infused with the depth of the history that it conveys. Darío Ortiz combines several elements like body language, discourse, and the representation of narratives that presents the very unique relationship between the self and the body. In this manner, visitors to the exhibition are exposed to a series of experiences involving the human figure in an exploration of the boundaries of pain, pleasure and fear, and life and death, which are appreciated through personification.



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