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Vik Muñiz. Diaspora Cloud (Nube de la diáspora),2017

Vik Muñiz. Diaspora Cloud (Nube de la diáspora),2017. Photograph by Guillaume Ziccarelli

Yoko Ono, Imagine Peace, 2017. Photographs by Nicholas Prakas and Guillaume Ziccarelli

Public space
Pledges of Alliance


New York, NY

Pledges of Allegiance is a serialized commission of sixteen flags, each created by an acclaimed artist. “We realized we needed a space to resist that was defined not in opposition to a symbol, but in support of one, and so we created a permanent space. The flag seemed an ideal form to build that space around both practically and symbolically,” says Creative Time Artistic Director Nato Thompson.

Each flag points to an issue the artist is passionate about, a cause they believe is worth fighting for, and speaks to how we might move forward collectively. Conceived in response to the current political climate, Pledges of Allegiance aims to inspire a sense of community among cultural institutions, and begin articulating the urgent response our political moment demands.

Participating artists include Tania Bruguera, Alex Da Corte, Jeremy Deller, LaToya Ruby Frazier, Ann Hamilton, Robert Longo, Josephine Meckseper, Marilyn Minter, Vik Muniz, Jayson Musson, Ahmet Ögüt, Yoko Ono, Trevor Paglen, Pedro Reyes, Rirkrit Tiravanija, and Nari Ward.

Pledges of Allegiance officially launched on Flag Day, June 14th. Each month a new flag will be raised on a flagpole atop Creative Time’s headquarters at 59 East 4th Street, and at partner sites nationwide.

Pledges of Allegiance is presented by Creative Time in New York. It was originally conceived by Alix Browne and developed in collaboration with Cian Browne, Fabienne Stephan, and Opening Ceremony.

On June 6,  Vik Muniz's Pledges of Allegiance flag Diaspora Cloud was raised raised high above 59 East 4th Street, NYC, featuring a cloud floating against a blue background, evoking a geographically and temporally dispersed public that nevertheless share a similar viewpoint and cites an earlier work of Muniz’s, which was commissioned by Creative Time: Clouds, (from 2001), a “low tech illusion,” wherein clouds were “drawn” over the Manhattan skyline by a crop-dusting plane re-worked for skywriting. Diaspora Cloud, in title and image, may suggest a geographically and temporally dispersed public coming together to imagine new, if ephemeral, forms of community. Muniz uses the sky as a metaphor for the ephemerality of a connection within a community.

The best viewing angle is at the corner of E 4th Street and Bowery. The flag is also being raised simultaneously at 19 more locations across 16 states of the United States: California, Connecticut, Florida, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, and Texas.




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