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María Fernanda Cardoso. I Live I Will Grow. Green Square, Sydney, Australia

María Fernanda Cardoso. I Live I Will Grow. Green Square, Sydney, Australia

Heard on The Street
"While I Live I Will Grow" by Maria Fernanda Cardoso at Green Square


"I wanted to create a work of art that would transform and improve with the years rather than one that deteriorated and decomposed as time went by." María Fernanda Cardoso

Since May 26, 2018, the living sculpture titled "While I Live I Will Grow," by Colombian artist María Fernanda Cardoso, has been giving life to the Green Square community and cultural space in Sydney, Australia.

The new Green Square community is located within the development area that surrounds the old Royal South Sydney Hospital site, becoming a green community with a child care center, creative and community centers, public art works, and a park. It covers 278 hectares that include the Beaconsfield and Zetland neighborhoods, as well as part of Rosebery, Alexandria, and Waterloo.

The installation "While I live I Will Grow" by María Fernanda Cardoso is displayed by the entrance of the Waranara Early Education Centre, an early-childhood education and care center. It consists of a sandstone spiral sculpture, seven Queensland bottle trees (Brachychiton rupestris) and thirteen grass trees that will grow in time, allowing interaction with the community. The sandstone spiral sculpture can serve as a bench for people two sit under the shadow of the trees and enjoy the landscape. The piece celebrates the aging of human beings and other species in a shared environment.

"Bottle trees can live over one hundred years and reach four meters in diameter. This artwork celebrates the trees' unusual and charismatic shapes as they grow and provides meaning for people to reflect on art and life, form and content. The Sydney sandstone blocks allowed me to give more meaning to the piece by symbolizing growth in a spiral form. To emphasize the idea of growth over time, I stacked another layer of giant stone blocks to create a double spiral."

The City is spending US$540 million  over the next 10 years on extensive infrastructure and streetscaping throughout the area, as well as new community facilities that include a library, a square, an aquatic and recreation centers, as well as more than 15 parks and outdoor areas.

The Sydney-based Colombian artist is known for the use of unconventional materials and for her nature-inspired works. Cardoso has exhibited her work in the most important museums in the US, Latin America, Australia, and Europe.



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