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Iván Candeo. Photo: ©Francisco Blanco.

Iván Candeo, Winner of the Master LAV Grant


Madrid, Spain
Susana Benko

After participating in an open call with three works and one video, Spain-based Venezuelan artist Iván Candeo has just received the highest recognition granted by the Laboratorio Audiovidual de Creación y Práctica Contemporánea: A scholarship to complete the Master LAV, consisting of audiovisual media studies—filmmaking, video, and installation—with a focus on experimental film and its close relationships with contemporary art. As result of this award, Candeo will participate in this fifth edition of Master LAV in Madrid, from October 2018 and July 2019.

The jury was formed by Nuria Cubas, director of the FILMADRID International Film Festival and of Pasajes de Cine; Javier H. Estrada, producer of the Seville European Film Festival and member of the editorial department of Caimán Cuadernos de Cine; and Marcos Ortega, creator of the webpage Experimental  Cinema at:

Iván Candeo is a widely recognized audiovisual artist both in Venezuela and internationally. His videos have centered on the construction of a grammar whose discourse focuses on the equivocal, on opposites, as well as on the search for the speed and illusion achieved by movement. Temporary aspects like continuity and discontinuity are taken into consideration to subvert conventional forms of representation. The transformation of contemporary society, time, and history, their contradictions and paradoxes, have been relevant aspects in his work. Candeo has also received other recognitions like the 2012 AVAP Award, in the Young Artist category, granted by the Asociación Venezolana de Artistas Plásticos; and, in 2013, he received the Second Award of the 12th edition of the Eugenio Mendoza Award organized by the Sala Mendoza in Caracas. Currently, some of his videos can be watched at the Library of the Museo Reina Sofía that are part of that institution's HAMACA audiovisual archive. This archive contains videos by Candeo spanning from the beginning of his career to today.

The Laboratorio Audiovisual de Creación y Práctica Contemporánea focuses on the creation and research of audiovisual language. It offers an academic program that allows students to learn the complexities offered by audiovisual media as well as fundamental referents expressed through proposals of an experimental nature.  Under this same principle, students develop their own works as their processes are guided by the LAV. As stated in the core objectives of this laboratory, the goal is to "generate a creative routine." For this purpose, several audiovisual projects are proposed by the students under the core precept of "continuous trial and error practices." This is the reason why the LAV seeks thoughtful students with critical abilities and, most importantly, students who are fully committed to art.



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