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Graciela Sacco. Esperando a los Bárbaros, 1995/2015. Video on digital screens and collage of stray wooden boards. Courtesy: Art Collection of del Banco de la República

Graciela Sacco. Thickets (series Body to Body), 1996/2014. Installation photographic insertion on wood. 79 x 275.5 in. Courtesy: Zipper Galeria

Graciela Sacco. From the series Mouthful, 1993/2014. Offset printing on paper

Graciela Sacco


Buenos Aires, Argentina

Graciela Sacco once said: "For me creating a work of art is a way of thinking, a way of understanding what occurs around me." This is reflected in her work, in pieces marked by themes addressing unresolved social issues in a world riddled with contradictions. For her, any space offers the possibility to activate a discourse and a reflection. This explains why her death, in November of last year, surprised the art world and prompted actions and artistic movements like Compromiso de práctica artística feminista [Commitment to Feminist Practices in Art], a manifest created by several women from the Latin American art world, including: Cecilia Palmeiro, Ana Gallardo, Andrea Giunta, Cristina Schiavi, Marina de Caro, Gloria Cortez-Aliaga (Chile); Marina Reyes-Franco (Puerto Rico), and Natalia Encinas. In turn, the manifest led to the institution of the Asamblea Permanente de Trabajadoras de Arte (Permanent Assembly of Women Art Workers], which in only a few hours exceeded two thousand signatures and was translated to English and Portuguese.

Graciela Sacco's passing clearly touched many who have been moved by her work, generating an interest in paying tribute to her art and memory. As result, in addition to a tribute schedule during arteBA 2018, other initiatives emerged like: "Graciela Sacco (1956-2017). Tribute Exhibition," curated by Fernando Farina and exhibited at the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes (MNBA) in Buenos Aires until July 29. The show features Sacco's last work titled ¿Quién Fue? (Who Was It?), a project that while conceived for the public space also questions the intimate realm. This piece opens and closes the show and is accompanied by other works by Sacco like Victoria from the "Body to Body" series, Bocanada (Puff), and Entre nosotros (Between Us) from the "Waiting for the Barbarians" series.

Additionally, the exhibition titled "Questions" at the MUNTREF Centro de Arte Contemporáneo will remain open until August 5. Curated by Diana Wechsler and Fernando Farina, the show features the most famous and compelling works by Sacco in addition to an overview of her most recent works, unpublished material, inquiries and essays.

Lastly, the exhibition titled "Between Us" will be presented in November at the Casa de América in Madrid, Spain.



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