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Mauricio Salcedo. Integraciones Periféricas, 2018. Sculpture (assembly and masonry). 55 x 27.5 x 20 in.

Mauricio Salcedo-Barrera, YICCA 17/18


Colombian artist Mauricio Salcedo-Barrera has won the First Prize of the 2017/18 YICCA Award for his sculptural work titled Integraciones Periféricas (Peripheral Integrations).

Through its yearly call, YICCA aims to promote young artists and offer them the opportunity to enter the international contemporary art market. The First Prize consists of a purse of 3,000.00 euros and participation in a group exhibition in a European city.

For this edition of the call, the jury was formed by independent curator and art critic Agnès Violeau and curator and researcher Violeta Janeiro-Alfageme. They were entrusted with the selection of the eighteen artists participating in the group exhibition as well as the winners of the First, Second, Third, and Fourth Prizes granted by the 2017/18 YICCA Awards.

Edgar Mauricio Salcedo-Barrera graduated from the Universidad de Bogotá Jorge Tadeo Lozano. His work Integraciones Periféricas (2018) proposes a look at the immediate surroundings (the city of Bogota) and an inquiry into the social relationships established from an architectural perspective in connection with the city's inhabitants an the economic and political conditions that foster the settlement of underserved working class neighborhoods—in many instances informally or illegally developed—associated with the self-building phenomenon.

The eighteen artists selected to participate in the exhibition are: Agnieszka Kobylecka-Kaminska (Poland), Alicia Proudfoot (Canada), Christine Kettaneh (Lebanon), David Dejous (France), Edgar Mauricio Salcedo-Barrera (Colombia), Horacio Gabriel Herrera-Ulibarri (Uruguay), James Hannaham (United States), João Miguel Barros (Macao), Karis Painter (United States), Leos Suchan (Czech Republic), Marie Maitre (France), Natalia González-Martin (United Kingdom), Sébastien Notre (Italy), Sinisha Kashawelski (Republic of Macedonia), Subin Son (Belgium), Suresh Babu Maddilety (India), Taka Kono (Japan), and Tommaso Buldini (Italy).

The winners of the Second, Third, and Fourth Prizes of the 2017/18 YICCA Awards were respectively: Subin Son (Belgium), Sébastien Notre (Italy), and Christine Kettaneh (Lebanon).



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