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Sixth AICA Incentive Award for Young Art Critics

Sixth AICA Incentive Award for Young Art Critics
International Association of Art Critics (AICA)


The International Association of Art Critics (AICA) and its Award Committee, with the support of the AICA–Taiwan Chapter, launches the sixth edition of the AICA Incentive Award for Young Art Critics to recognize emerging voices around the world in the field of art criticism.

This year AICA invites young art critics from any country in the world to submit an article or critique of an event (exhibition, biennial, artist profile, etc.) that addresses the subject of contemporary art produced in the Asia-Pacific region or the artistic scene in the Asian-Pacific. The winner will be awarded a round-trip ticket to attend the 51st edition of the AICA International Congress in Taipei (Taiwan) and the Post-Congress Trip to Taichung, Tainan, and Kaohsiung from November 14 through November 21, 2018. Critics awarded second and third place in the competition will be eligible to receive honorable mentions. AICA reserves the right to publish the texts by the winner and the two finalists in its homepage.

The members of the jury will be announced in July at the AICA's homepage. Other requirements to take into account:

•Participating art critics must be 40 years old or younger by September 10 of 2018.

•The deadline to submit all applications is September 10, 2018.

•Texts must be emailed to and copied to

•The article or review must be in connection with contemporary art in the Asia-Pacific region.

•Submitted texts may be written in English, French, Spanish, or Mandarin Chinese. In the instances in which the original texts are not in English, candidates are kindly asked to include an English translation.

•Texts that have already been published will be accepted as long as their publication occurred after September 11, 2016.

•They must be submitted in any of these formats: doc, docx, or pdf.

•Every text submitted must be accompanied with an email address for contacting the participant and a brief biographical profile (no more than 150 words long).

The winner will be announced on AICA's homepage by the International Jury Committee on October 15, 2018, and the award ceremony will be held in Taipei on November 18, 2018, on the last day of the AICA Congress.

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