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Fernando Botero. Paloma de la paz, 2016. Bronze. 27.5 in. high

Fernando Botero. Paloma de la paz, 2016. Bronze. 27.5 in. high

Heard on The Street
Paloma de la paz (Dove of Peace) Arrives at the Museo Nacional de Colombia


The work titled La paloma de la paz (The Dove of Peace) by Fernando Botero was donated by the Colombian artist to the Presidency of the Republic of Colombia (Casa de Nariño) in September of 2016. According to Botero, the reasons for the donation were: "With this sculpture I join this transcendental peace process in Colombia. By offering this gift to my country I wanted to convey my support and solidarity with a process that will bring a future of hope to all Colombians."

The Presidency of the Republic presented the loan to the Museo Nacional de Colombia during an official ceremony organized on July 18 of 2018. In the act, the government was represented by the First Lady of Colombia, María Clemencia Rodríguez de Santos, and the Minister of Culture, Mariana Garcés-Córdoba, while the museum was represented by Daniel Castro-Benítez, director of the museum. Botero's sculpture was loaned so a larger audience could have access to it.

La paloma de la paz maintains the characteristics and proportions that are part of the unmistakable style of Fernando Botero's work. It is a white painted bronze sculpture that measures 70 centimeters in height.

During the ceremony, the director of the Museo Nacional de Colombia said: "In this symbolic place that collects the sentiments of the citizens of Colombia, the dove has found fertile ground for a space in which people can recognize and cherish the peace that is in our hands."

La paloma de la paz will be exhibited in the Museo Nacional de Colombia's "Mirada" panopticon exhibition room located in the Rotonda area of the museum. Its exhibition is part of the celebratory activities of the 195th anniversary of the institution and as forerunner to the National Tribute to "Young Master. Botero, Early Work (1948–1963), which will open to the public on August 4 of 2018.




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