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Manuel Mendive. Fragmento de un paisaje/ Fragment of a Landscape (detail), 2017

Manuel Mendive: Nature, spirit and body
Bronx Museum of Art


Bronx, NY

Manuel Mendive will present a new body of work focused on his continued visual interpretation of narratives of Yorùbá-Lucumí culture and wisdom literature, extending to the universal ideas and relationships between humans and nature. The exhibition will be open to the public from July 25 to November 4, 2018. 

Conceived as a cohesive group of paintings and sculptures, the overall installation suggests a passage to the heart of all living things. Steeped in ancient African wisdom and modern philosophical constructs, Mendive’s artworks invite the viewer to be immersed in a universal search for identity and interconnectedness.

Born on December 15, 1944 in Havana, Cuba, Mendive studied at the San Alejandro Academy of Plastic Arts in Havana.  Over the last fifty years, Mendive has developed a sophisticated and pointed examination of the influence of African oral-based traditions on Cuba through the experimental lens of contemporary art. His multidisciplinary work, in particular performances, has become a vehicle for exploring the intersections between art, religion, philosophy, politics, ethics, and anthropology.



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