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Fourth International Encounter on Latin American Visual Studies

Fourth International Encounter on Latin American Visual Studies


Madrid, Spain

Professionals, researchers and academics in the field of visual studies, artists, creators and intermediaries are invited to submit papers for the Fourth International Encounter on Latin American Visual Studies celebrated in February of 2019, in Madrid, in collaboration with the History and Art Theory Department of the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM).

While our network brings together researchers and academics dedicated to the study of visual culture in Latin America, we are aware that these themes have a global dimension that demands performing diagnostics and studies also globally, in the context of an exchange of ideas and transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary proposals.

The organizing committee will make a selection from among the participating papers. Proposals must be emailed to The texts for the presentations must be completed for their evaluation (twenty minutes, up to 5,000 words). Stand-alone abstracts will not be accepted.

The themes include (but are not limited to): Decolonizing the Gazes, Decolonizing the Spaces; Digitality, Visualities in Social Networks–The Public Urban Realm/The Public Virtual Realm; Inter/transdisciplinary Methodologies, In/disciplines; Deneoliberalization of Contemporary Art/Fairs, Art, and Political Economies; Thinking through/with Images; (theoretical) Reflections from the Perspective of Visual Culture; Cultural Mediation in Times of Crisis and Ecology, Feminism, and the New Challenges for Global Society.

Finished presentations must include the following information:

1.The author(s) name(s) and last names (up to two authors)

2.Title of the presentation

3.Abstract (up to 300 words) and up to 5 key words.

4.Brief academic biography of the author (up to 400 words)

5.Finished text (up to 5,000 words)

Proposals that do not include any of the aforementioned requirements will be automatically dismissed. The organization of the encounter will not cover any travelling expenses, lodging, and food expenses incurred by the selected participants.

The deadline to enter all proposals is September 30, 2018. 



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