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Unseen Photographs by Andy Warhol to Be Published
Andy Warhol Foundation


The Andy Warhol Foundation has announced that a selection of never-before-published personal snapshots taken by Andy Warhol will be exhibited at Stanford University's Cantor Arts Centre in September. A book that is part of the initiative called the "Contact Warhol Project" will be published in November and a digital library will be launched by the end of the year.

Stanford University acquired around 130,000 images captured by Warhol between 1976 and 1987. The university will digitize the images as part of the aforementioned "Contact Warhol Project." According to information provided by the university, most of the images have never been publicly shown and Andy Warhol only printed about 17 percent of the photographs.

The photographs are tangible proof of Warhol's interest in documenting his environment. The selection includes portraits of several 20th century personalities like Truman Capote, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Michael Jackson, John Lennon, and Debbie Harry, among others. There are also photographs of the Big Apple (New York City), including streets, trash cans, and neon signs.

According to Stanford Art Professor Peggy Phelan, one of the persons leading the initiative, “He took the same care photographing objects that most people would overlook as he would with a photoshoot with Liza Minelli." 



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