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Bienal in the National Gallery of Tirana

ArtNexus #42 - Arte en Colombia #88
Nov - Jan 2002

The National Gallery at Tirana is gathering together two hundred artists and thirty curators from all around the world in an event that groups multiple visions and tendencies in contemporary art. In spite of the limitations that a budget of $30,000 US can mean in the production of such an event, the Tirana Biennial successfully brings together the point of view of different cultures and heterogeneous attitudes from all around the planet.
The event is presided over by Edi Rama and directed by Giancarlo Politi. Some of the participating artists from Latin America include Colombians Damián Ortega, Carlos Amorales, Laura Lima, Luis Felipe Ortega, Daniel Guzmán, Fernando Arias, and Darío Escobar; and Cubans Tania Bruguera, Cabinet Ordo Amoris, Oswaldo Macía, and Manuel Piña.
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