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Homage to Don Quixote

Niermann Sculpture donated to Santander

ArtNexus #42 - Arte en Colombia #88
Nov - Jan 2002

The piece Homage to Don Quixote, a sculpture by Mexican artist Leonardo Niermann, has recently been installed in Santander, donated by the Cervantine Foundation of Guanajuato to the Spanish City.
The stainless steel piece, weighing 350 kilos and measuring close to 6 meters, has been valued in approximately US$ 110,600. The artists’ intent was to make an abstract representation of the Don Quixote figure with it. The piece has been placed next to the El Chiqui bower on the Stadium Avenue in front of the second lot of the Sardinero. At its installation and opening Gonzalo Piñeiro, mayor of the city of Santander, and Eulalio Ferrer, president of the Cervantine Foundation, were present.
In November the artist will have an exhibition titled The skies of Leonardo Niermann, with 150 of his oil paintings.



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