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Teoría de mercadotecnia de las artes

A theoretical book that addresses art as a cultural product and its relationship with the market, both proposed as non-excluding factors. The book is divided into thirteen chapters that are in turn subdivided into paragraphs that offer readers a rather comprehensive vision of marketing and cultural products. Published by Consumos Culturales in 2015, the book contains essays by Arturo Sastré-Blanco and Eduardo Azouri-Miranda, and also includes collaborations by Elena Paz-Morales, Violeta Rodríguez-Becerril and Gustavo Vargas-Sánchez. 454 pages. Spanish. Paperback. 8 15/32x 5 29/32 inches (21.5 x 15 cm.).

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Beatriz Milhazes
"Bambu em amarelo e marrom"

26 3/16 x 11 13/16 in.

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