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Daniel Joseph Martinez Receives Career Achievement Award

The Hammer Museum announced Daniel Joseph Martínez as the winner of the Career Achievement Award for the 2018 edition of "Made in LA" Biennial... More...
Hirshhorn Receives Major Gift of More Than 50 Iconic Works by Marcel Duchamp

The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden has announced a gift of more than 50 major historical artworks, including more than 35 seminal works by pioneering artist Marcel Duchamp, from Washington, D... More...
"Young Master. Botero, Early Work (1948-1963)"

Until October 28 and as part of the program of National Tributes, The Museo Nacional de Colombia presents the exhibition titled "Young Master... More...
Deconstruction: A reordering of life, politics, and art on view until September 30

The exhibition inaugurated on July 3, with the curatorship of Amy Galpin Ph... More...
Artistic Interventions in the work Fragmentos by Doris Salcedo

The Ministry of Culture of Colombia announces the opening of the call for the Creation Award to commission artistic interventions in the artistic project titled Fragmentos (Fragments) by Doris Salcedo... More...

Marcel Duchamp

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Fernanda Brunet
Phillips Latin America, May, 2014
Lobo US $7500

Luis Gonzalez Palma
John La Huis
Patrick Hamilton
Agustín Bejarano
Leonardo Nierman
Augusta Barreda
Carlos Jacanamijoy
Jorge Tacla
Luisa Elena Betancourt
Nadín Ospina


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